EquiLend's Business Continuity and Contingency Planning Disclosure Statement

Securities industry regulations require regulated firms to inform their clients of the plans they maintain to address a variety of business disrupting scenarios (for example, those resulting from a power outage, natural disaster, virus pandemic, etc.). EquiLend Holdings LLC and its subsidiary entities (including EquiLend LLC, EquiLend Europe Limited, EquiLend Limited, EquiLend Canada Corp, Automated Equity Finance Markets, Inc. and DataLend LLC) (collectively, "EquiLend"), maintain a comprehensive business continuity plan and program (“BCP”), which is reviewed and updated on a regular basis. The BCP provides for the continuation of EquiLend’s operations, including for the continuation of providing its services to clients, in the event of a variety of facilities and/or services related interrupting factors. Whereas we cannot predict every and all potential business disrupting scenarios, the Plan does cover those scenarios we have the foresight to understand at this point in time.

Examples of potential scenarios which may cause some changes to our regular business operations: 

  • In the event a significant business disruption ("SBD") affects our primary office location in New York, we will transfer our client service functions and business operations to our offices located in London and/or Dublin, or to one or more remote sites located in the United States. All global EquiLend staff have the ability to work remotely from multiple locations, including from their homes, which will allow for the continuation of service to our clients should staff be unable to access any one given physical office site location.
  • In the event an SBD affects any of our other office locations, we will transfer client support and business operations of the affected office location to one or more of our non-affected office locations.
  • In the event an SBD affects our primary production data center facility in Carteret, New Jersey, USA, operation of the EquiLend securities lending platform (the "Platform") will be transferred to our disaster recovery data center facility in Houston, Texas.
  • We do not anticipate that power outages at the primary production data center facility will require us to transfer operation of the Platform to the disaster recovery data center facility, as our primary production data center facility maintains a supplemental power supply (UPS). The facility additionally maintains alternative power generation capabilities (i.e. battery and diesel generation), which can support the needed operations for a significant period of time.
  • Our production data is maintained within our primary data center production facility in Carteret, New Jersey, USA. We additionally maintain copies of our production data in our disaster recovery data center facility in Houston, Texas, USA.

No contingency plan can eliminate all risk of service interruption, or temporarily impaired access to the Platform. We will evaluate and revise our BCP to address disruption risks to the extent possible as potential business impairing developments occur.

We have made certain assumptions regarding the accessibility and availability to access alternative facilities including; the ability of a sufficient number of our personnel needed to operate our systems and work with external organizations, and for the securities markets and relevant government agencies continuing to be operational and/or accessible. If these assumptions are not valid under any given circumstance which may arise, we will evaluate possibilities to minimize the resulting disruption to our services as feasible at that time.

We will continue to update the BCP as needed in the event of changes to our business processes, technology and staff. We will continue to post updated BCP information on our website. EquiLend clients may obtain copy of our current Business Continuity and Contingency Plan upon written request to: EquiLend Holdings LLC ATTN: Business Continuity Plan, 225 Liberty Street, 10th Floor, New York, New York 10281, USA.