The Purple Issue XIII

July 2023

Welcome to our 2023 half-year edition of The Purple! It was an eventful first half of the year marked by a regional banking crisis, a resurgence in meme stock activity and persistent interest rate hikes to battle global inflation. Securities lending revenue was up 20% year over year, generating $5.76 billion in the lender-to-broker market. Check out our H1 market review, “In a Turbulent H1 2023, Securities Lending Market Outperforms,” in this issue for all the details.

While you are at it, enjoy our other articles taking a deeper dive into AI stocks, enhancements to our performance measurement analytics and a sneak peek at our upcoming social media sentiment data!

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Nancy Allen

Managing Director, Head of Data & Analytics Solutions, EquiLend


The AI Gold Rush: Boom or Bust?

Equities market performance has been something of a pleasant surprise in the first half of 2023. In the U.S. market, the S&P 500 closed out the 2nd quarter roughly 16% higher than its mark from the start of the year.

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Wisdom of the Crowd?

In his June 21, 2023, testimony before congress, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell referred to the central bank’s view of bank-run mechanics as “outdated.” His comments, which sought to address the events leading up to Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, allude to the fact that today, the genesis of financial panic is more likely to come from message boards than board rooms.

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Competitive Bid: Leveraging Real-Time Trading Data

Kickstarting in mid-March 2023, NGT, EquiLend’s renowned trading platform, launched an exciting new workflow for clients – Competitive Bid. In an effort to drive greater automation in the specials market, Competitive Bid allows both Lenders and Borrowers to indicate hard-to-borrow flags when they initiate trades.

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Corporate Debt Revenue Rises, Alongside Interest Rates & Inflation

In a volatile macroeconomic environment, the fixed income market continued its robust securities lending performance in Q1 2023, generating $666 million in revenue, up 25% YoY. The period continued to be characterized by rising interest rates and inflation, forcing fixed income yields up and presenting an opportunity for directional trading.

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Q1 2023 for the Record Books

The Data and Analytics division of EquiLend has observed many revenue-impacting corporate events in recent years; Naspers in 2021 and 3M last year, to name a few.

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Analyzing the Impact of the 2023 Banking Crisis on Securities Lending

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank sent shockwaves throughout both the U.S. and global financial sector. While the 2023 banking crisis will likely not be a watershed of the same magnitude as the collapses of 2008, it was a true test of the system and unsurprisingly had a significant impact on the securities lending market.

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Being a Woman in Securities Finance

The WISF organization marked its 5th anniversary in 2022 by ringing the bell at the New York, Toronto and London Stock Exchanges, a momentous milestone and an important signal for any woman considering a career in the securities finance industry.

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Reinventing Data & Analytics

2022 was a big year for EquiLend’s data offerings. Building on the success of the award-winning DataLend platform, the new Data & Analytics Solutions division was launched to bring together all of EquiLend’s data and analytics services to create unprecedented and unique insights.

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EquiLend Data & Analytics Q3 Insights in Securities Lending

With Q3 in our rear view, a wide variety of asset classes were in play as volatile market conditions continued and recession concerns joined inflation headlines. In this past quarter, the securities lending market generated $2.63 billion, an increase of 12% over the same period in 2021.

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Survey: Beneficial Owners on Data

Funds Europe found in its recent survey of beneficial owners that these institutions view securities lending as an investment product and should in turn use independent securities lending data to optimize their programs, mitigate risk and support them in their fiduciary responsibilities.

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Fixed Income

The first half of 2019 has not been kind to the fixed income market, with total revenue down 30%.

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The Drivers of Duration

Average duration is a measure of how long a trade is open, from the time that the security is borrowed to the time that it is returned back to the lender.

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