The Purple Issue XI

January 2023

Happy New Year, and welcome to the 11th issue of The Purple! 2022 was another banner revenue year for the securities lending community as the market generated nearly $10 billion in gross revenue for beneficial owners. In this edition, we provide a detailed overview of 2022 market conditions focusing on the key trends and drivers of revenue.

At EquiLend, our approach to data and analytics has evolved and grown significantly. In 2022, we formed our new Data and Analytics Solutions division focused on bringing new and actionable insights to the securities finance community and beyond. Read about our approach in “Reinventing Data & Analytics”.

Finally, we could not publish year in review without congratulating Women in Securities Finance on the group’s 5th anniversary in 2022 and on the amazing growth and success of the organization! The leaders, members and supporters of WISF had the opportunity to celebrate the group’s success by ringing bells at three of the world’s largest exchanges. We look forward to standing alongside WISF in the years to come.

Nancy Allen

Head of Data & Analytics Solutions, EquiLend


Being a Woman in Securities Finance

The WISF organization marked its 5th anniversary in 2022 by ringing the bell at the New York, Toronto and London Stock Exchanges, a momentous milestone and an important signal for any woman considering a career in the securities finance industry.

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Reinventing Data & Analytics

2022 was a big year for EquiLend’s data offerings. Building on the success of the award-winning DataLend platform, the new Data & Analytics Solutions division was launched to bring together all of EquiLend’s data and analytics services to create unprecedented and unique insights.

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EquiLend Data & Analytics Q3 Insights in Securities Lending

With Q3 in our rear view, a wide variety of asset classes were in play as volatile market conditions continued and recession concerns joined inflation headlines. In this past quarter, the securities lending market generated $2.63 billion, an increase of 12% over the same period in 2021.

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Survey: Beneficial Owners on Data

Funds Europe found in its recent survey of beneficial owners that these institutions view securities lending as an investment product and should in turn use independent securities lending data to optimize their programs, mitigate risk and support them in their fiduciary responsibilities.

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Fixed Income

The first half of 2019 has not been kind to the fixed income market, with total revenue down 30%.

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The Drivers of Duration

Average duration is a measure of how long a trade is open, from the time that the security is borrowed to the time that it is returned back to the lender.

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DataLend Hot Topics

There has been substantial media coverage regarding the ongoing opioid crisis sweeping through America, from which headlines have begun to spill over into the financial world.

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Introducing EquiLend Spire

Flexible, Modular, Customizable—A Bespoke Technology Solution For All Your Securities Finance Business Needs.