DataLend Passes $10 Trillion in Securities Lending Inventory Value


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October 15, 2013

DataLend, the securities finance market data provider launched in January 2013, has surpassed $10 trillion in total inventory value covering nearly 40,000 unique securities worldwide.

The on-loan value of securities tracked globally by DataLend is approximately $1.6 trillion.

Ben Glicher, managing director and CIO of DataLend, says: “Passing the $10 trillion in inventory mark is not just a symbolic milestone—it is quantitative evidence of the breadth and depth of our data. With our quality data and complete set of services for traders, quantitative analysts and relationship managers, DataLend is a truly comprehensive provider of securities finance market data.”

DataLend’s clients include many of the largest players in the securities lending and borrowing industry. The data provider operates on a “give-to-get” basis, whereby clients supply their securities finance transaction data and receive access to DataLend’s anonymized, aggregated industry data in return.

Users can drill down into the data to view current and historical pricing information on an individual security level, by sector, by region or other parameters. It also has client performance reporting capabilities, which allow agent lenders and beneficial owners to compare securities lending performance against other entities. DataLend is accessed by a proprietary user interface, through an Excel® Add-In or via a data feed.

DataLend recently was named the securities finance industry’s Best Market Data Provider globally in Global Investor/ISF magazine’s Equity Lending & Technology Survey 2013, an industry client survey. DataLend ranked ahead of other securities finance market data providers in categories such as reliability of data, cost efficiency, client service, client reporting functionality and ability to tailor system.

In the survey, a client in the Americas wrote about DataLend: “Nice interface, good depth, reasonable pricing.” A European client wrote: “Strong drive to innovate; good relationship management.” A client in Asia wrote: “Data screen is user friendly; easy to use various analytic tools.”

Securities finance industry participants also named EquiLend, the trading and post-trade service provider, as the Best Trading Platform globally and the Best Post-Trade Service Provider in the Americas, in the Global Investor/ISF survey.

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EquiLend is a leading provider of trading and post-trade services for the securities finance industry with offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Toronto. EquiLend is backed by 10 global financial institutions: BlackRock, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Clearing, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Northern Trust, State Street and UBS.

Used by securities borrowers and lenders globally, the EquiLend platform (for equities) and BondLend platform (for fixed income) automate formerly manual trading and post-trade processes in the securities finance industry. Using EquiLend's complete end-to-end services reduces the risk of potential errors and eliminates the need to maintain costly point-to-point connections while allowing firms to drive down unit costs. DataLend, the securities finance market data division of EquiLend, provides highly cleansed and standardized securities finance data covering all asset classes, regions and markets globally.