Reinventing Data & Analytics

Reinventing Data & Analytics

Cameron Cole, Data & Analytics Product Specialist

January 23, 2023

2022 was a big year for EquiLend’s data offerings. Building on the success of the DataLend platform, the new Data & Analytics Solutions division was launched to bring together all of EquiLend’s data and analytics services to create unprecedented and unique insights. Throughout 2022, the Data & Analytics team brought new tools and metrics to our clients to help them better manage their lending programs and provide more transparency to the broader market.

Demand for EquiLend Real-Time Data accelerated, offering clients access to live global securities finance data updated throughout the trading day. As a result, EquiLend continues to release enhancements to the service, most recently adding reported time to each transaction. Leveraging activity data from our trading platform, NGT, and our Post-Trade Solutions suite, our real-time data set allows clients to stay informed on the latest trades as they happen and enables users to view, filter and track trades across asset types, regions and sectors. EquiLend also made the real-time data set available through its API, giving firms another access point to intraday data. The DataLend API offers a fast and flexible solution for clients to access EquiLend data and can be tailored to a firm’s proprietary system.

2022 also saw the creation of the DataLend Liquidity Score (DLLS), available across 23,000 corporate bonds. The DLLS is a proprietary score measuring the difficulty to borrow a particular security and is designed to support lenders in their corporate bond trading, as well as assist borrowers in assessing trading opportunities and structures. The score ranges from 1, for liquid assets, to 5, for illiquid securities, factoring in variables such as utilization, shares outstanding, lender concentration and fee.

DataLend’s Excel Add-In continues to be a popular tool for clients, allowing users familiar with Excel to take advantage of the application’s native functionality. In 2022, EquiLend continued to add to its Excel Add-In by introducing research capabilities, allowing users to move beyond single security usage and pull larger data sets of results using filters (region, country and asset type). Users can also tailor their data pulls to suit their needs by selecting the relevant output fields and saving configurations as templates for easy refreshing.

To come in 2023...

Overall, the launch of EquiLend Data & Analytics Solutions illustrates our continued consultative approach and commitment to providing clients with the most comprehensive data suite for the securities finance market.

EquiLend continues to recognize the need to bolster its data offering with new and alternative data points in 2023. Integrating innovative and relevant metrics will expand our data offering beyond traditional securities lending data, enhancing the user experience across all EquiLend solutions, helping users to make more informed and efficient trading decisions.

As EquiLend continues to enhance its data offering, the need for further robust technological solutions becomes crucial. As a result, EquiLend will also continue to invest in API solutions throughout 2023 and enhance our user-friendly interfaces for a more flexible and customizable experience.

About DataLend

DataLend, the market data service within EquiLend’s Data & Analytics Solutions group, tracks daily market movements across more than 62,000 unique securities in the $2.5 trillion securities finance market.

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EquiLend is a global financial technology, data and analytics firm offering Trading, Post-Trade, Data & Analytics, RegTech and Securities Finance Platform Solutions for the securities finance industry. EquiLend has offices in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Toronto, London, Dublin, India, Hong Kong and Tokyo and is regulated in jurisdictions around the globe.