The Pulse – Precision Analytics Powered by DataLend

The Pulse - Precision Analytics Powered by DataLend

The Pulse offers unparalleled insight into your NGT trading activity through an intuitive, simple-to-use Web portal. Easily access and analyze trade activity across your counterparties and your rank amongst all firms on NGT.

Advanced Filtering

Drill down to any combination of market, asset type, sector, collateral and fee bucket

CounterParty Heatmap

Analyze your activity across all your counterparts—identify your biggest and most efficient trading partners

Trade Initiation Activity

View your activity across NGT workflows (IOI, Targeted Availability, Unsolicited Bid) —compare yourself to the industry

League Tables

Identify where you rank amongst your peers—see if your competitors are optimizing their NGT flow better than you

Fee Buckets

See your NGT performance at a fee band level—compare your market share of GC and specials to your competitors

Counterparty Heatmap

Counterparty Trending

League Table

Fee Bucket

Trade Initiation Activity


DataLend—the securities finance market data division of EquiLend, a FINRA-regulated financial services firm—provides aggregated, anonymized, cleansed and standardized securities finance data covering all asset classes, regions and markets globally. DataLend operates on a “give-to-get” model, processing more than 3 million global transactions per day. DataLend’s data set covers more than 51,000 securities on loan with a daily on-loan balance of $2.1+ trillion and lendable balance of $22 trillion (as of January 2020).

Nancy Allen

Nancy Allen
Product Owner, DataLend
+1 212 901 2262

Paul Lynch

Paul Lynch
Managing Director
Global Head of Products
+1 212 901 2281