DataLend is comprised of a team of experts developing and applying sophisticated algorithms to securities finance market data. Our high standards ensure that you receive a superior product that is fast, easy-to-use, and intuitive.

The result? Highly cleansed data that is standardized and maximized, alleviating duplicate records. Our data is global in reach and covers all asset classes, regions and markets.



Our screens provide fast, easy, and intuitive tools to help users easily access and track securities finance market data.

Data Dashboard

The Data Dashboard provides high-level metrics based on the previous business day trading activity with total number of records and unique securities and total on loan and inventory values by region, asset class, sector and industry. View data in graphical, tabular, and downloadable formats.

Security Search

Security Search allows users to review current and historical data for a specific security. It includes security information such as on loan and inventory quantity and values, utilization, and volume weighted average fees and rebate rates. Users also are able to see their market share and performance against the industry.


DataTrack provides quick access to lists of securities and their on loan metrics, with the ability to add and remove securities as desired. Users can share their watch lists with other users within their firm.

Beneficial Owner Reporting

Beneficial Owner Reporting provides tools for comparing a firm's securities lending performance against other entities. These tools allow users the ability to see their performance metrics compared to the industry in the areas of: daily and average daily returns, securities lending return to lendable, total return to lendable, and volume weighted average loan pricing.

Users also can filter their own funds along with the funds they are comparing against to get true "like to like" comparisons with the ability to define your own time frame by entering start and end dates.


DataLend reports offer users quick and customizable tools with the ability to sort and download to spreadsheets.

Daily Inventory Report

Search securities by total and net available inventory and on loan metrics.

Daily Organization Variance

Users can search their firm's on loan values to see their performance against industry averages.

Aggregate Security List Page

This page provides users with the ability to search for subsets of securities by using data filters and historical data.

Search by security identifier, country, rebate/fee, on loan or inventory value/quantity, utilization, sector or industry.


  • Data Dashboard
  • Security Search
  • DataTrack
  • Beneficial Owner Reporting
  • Daily Inventory Report
  • Daily Organization Variance
  • Aggregate Security List Page