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Fixed Income Q1-Q3 2020​

Fixed Income Q1-Q3 2020

Despite increases in average on-loan balances and average daily lendable values of 5.86% and 6.29% respectively, fixed income lender-to-broker revenue was down 4.54% in the first nine months of 2020, generating $1.08 billion in lending revenue.

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DataLend Daily Market Overview

Stay up to date with the daily movements in the securities finance industry. The DataLend Daily Equity and Fixed Income Market Update, produced by DataLend’s team of product specialists and based on our exclusive data set, provides key metrics to help you identify key trends and day-over-day changes in the global lender-to-borrower securities finance market.

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The Purple—A DataLend Research Publication Issue 7 Now Live

Issue 7 of the Purple – This issues features how beneficial owners are using securities finance data, how securities fare post-IPO in the lending market, an in-depth look at average duration, emerging trends in securities finance, global and regional lending revenue and a fixed income update.

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Fixed Income Q1-Q3 2020​