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From Big Data Emerges Precision Analytics

To provide our clients with the most robust analytics available, EquiLend brought together DataLend’s powerful data processing and visualization know-how with NGT’s dataset to bring you The Pulse—Precision Analytics Powered by DataLend.

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Big Data in Securities Finance

With the ever-increasing velocity at which data is being created, zetta (1 billion terabytes), yotta (1,000 zettabytes) and brontobytes (1,000 yottabytes) will soon become the language with which we describe data volume.

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Australia: Down Under in Securities Finance

Australia: Down Under in Securities Finance Robert Antelmann, Product Specialist, DataLend September 19,  2018 THE AUSTRALIAN EQUITIES market was placed third in Asia Pacific by market size behind Japan and Hong Kong, respectively, in 2017. The equities securities lending market in Australia is characterized by a decentralized network of bilateral relationships consisting of both onshore

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Accesing China

Accesing China Chris Benedict, Director, DataLend April 11,  2018 Investors have been clamoring for access to China’s capital markets for decades. With China having overtaken the U.S. as the world’s largest economy last year (although the U.S. is still top in terms of gross domestic product, at $18.6 trillion), investors’ desire for exposure to mainland

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Born Again Blockchain?

Some firms are reinventing themselves, apparently capitalizing on the market’s fervent enthusiasm for all things blockchain. The securities lending market appears to be skeptical.

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