The Purple Issue XI

January 2023

Happy New Year, and welcome to the 11th issue of The Purple! 2022 was another banner revenue year for the securities lending community as the market generated nearly $10 billion in gross revenue for beneficial owners. In this edition, we provide a detailed overview of 2022 market conditions focusing on the key trends and drivers of revenue.

At EquiLend, our approach to data and analytics has evolved and grown significantly. In 2022, we formed our new Data and Analytics Solutions division focused on bringing new and actionable insights to the securities finance community and beyond. Read about our approach in “Reinventing Data & Analytics”.

Finally, we could not publish year in review without congratulating Women in Securities Finance on the group’s 5th anniversary in 2022 and on the amazing growth and success of the organization! The leaders, members and supporters of WISF had the opportunity to celebrate the group’s success by ringing bells at three of the world’s largest exchanges. We look forward to standing alongside WISF in the years to come.

Nancy Allen

Head of Data & Analytics Solutions, EquiLend


Japan’s New Era

It is a time of change in Japan as Emperor Akihito abdicates his position, the first to do so in over 200 years.

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DataLend: Behind the Scenes

On the surface, DataLend may seem like a fairly straightforward product: The system takes in some data from users and returns some data to users. However, when you look under the hood you quickly realize that processing and distributing this data is no easy task.

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From Big Data Emerges Precision Analytics

To provide our clients with the most robust analytics available, EquiLend brought together DataLend’s powerful data processing and visualization know-how with NGT’s dataset to bring you The Pulse—Precision Analytics Powered by DataLend.

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Big Data in Securities Finance

With the ever-increasing velocity at which data is being created, zetta (1 billion terabytes), yotta (1,000 zettabytes) and brontobytes (1,000 yottabytes) will soon become the language with which we describe data volume.

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Australia: Down Under in Securities Finance

Australia: Down Under in Securities Finance Robert Antelmann, Product Specialist, DataLend September 19,  2018 THE AUSTRALIAN EQUITIES market was placed third in Asia Pacific by market size behind Japan and Hong Kong, respectively, in 2017. The equities securities lending market in Australia is characterized by a decentralized network of bilateral relationships consisting of both onshore

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Introducing EquiLend Spire

Flexible, Modular, Customizable—A Bespoke Technology Solution For All Your Securities Finance Business Needs.