From Big Data Emerges Precision Analytics

To provide our clients with the most robust analytics available, EquiLend brought together DataLend’s powerful data processing and visualization know-how with NGT’s dataset to bring you The Pulse—Precision Analytics Powered by DataLend.

A Decade on From Financial Crisis, U.S. Broker-Dealer Models Shift

As the financial crisis roiled the global markets in 2008, the business models of these dealers were about to fundamentally change.

Big Data in Securities Finance

With the ever-increasing velocity at which data is being created, zetta (1 billion terabytes), yotta (1,000 zettabytes) and brontobytes (1,000 yottabytes) will soon become the language with which we describe data volume.

In Fintech, An Inflection Point

A technology provider such as EquiLend is ideally placed to incorporate revolutionary technologies into services already used by firms throughout the industry.

Born Again Blockchain?

Some firms are reinventing themselves, apparently capitalizing on the market’s fervent enthusiasm for all things blockchain. The securities lending market appears to be skeptical.

Cryptocurrencies (and Securities Lending)

Bitcoin’s spectacular rise in value relative to government-issued centralized currencies has dominated headlines in the past year.

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Emerging Trends in Securities Finance

DataLend takes a look beyond Q2 2018 to forecast what to expect ahead in the securities finance industry.

Cash Reinvestment Revenue in Securities Lending

DataLend investigates the impact that rising interest rates had on returns generated by cash collateralized trades.

Around the World in Sovereign Bonds

DataLend investigates the bond markets of the U.S., Latin America and Europe amidst a backdrop of trade wars and rising interest rates.

Lending ETFs

The robust ETF lending market in the U.S. eclipses a nascent market in EMEA and Asia. DataLend examines the global ETF landscape

Short Meets Long: When Securities Lending Data Illuminates Market Sentiment

While the securities finance industry has become considerably more transparent than it was a decade ago with the advent of specialized data providers such as DataLend, the critical metrics that market participants monitor on a daily basis are still relatively unknown outside the institutional marketplace.

How Special Are Specials in Securities Lending?

Hard-to-borrow securities, also known as specials, make up a considerable percentage of the securities lending market’s revenue, but the 2017 global equity market rally has had a negative impact on the specials market thus also reducing lending revenue. DataLend investigated how the reduction of specials in the market has impacted global revenues over the past 18 months. 

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A Day in the Life of: David Field

A Q&A with David Field, Founder and Managing Director, The Field Effect

A Day in the Life of: Craig Donohue

A Q&A with Craig Donohue, Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, OCC

A Day in the Life of: John Arnesen

A Q&A with John Arnesen, Global Head, Agency Securities Lending, BNP Paribas Securities Services.

A Day in the Life of: Don D’Eramo

A Q&A with Don D’Eramo, Managing Director and Global Head of Securities Lending, RBC I&TS.

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